Saving energy in buildings in an affordable way

Eurofuel is particularly active in the promotion of cost-effective energy savings in buildings, which are very beneficial and affordable to households, especially in a period of economic difficulties. To support citizens’ efforts, Eurofuel members have been conducting very successful schemes at local level. Have a look at our case studies!

News items

  • 02.04.2020
    Heating oil and #stayhome
  • 02.03.2020
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  • 28.01.2020
    Heating with liquid fuels
  • 30.12.2019
    Renewable liquid fuels - the German example

    Philipp Engelkamp, Managing Director of Ineratec, and Moritz Bellingen, President of Eurofuel, explain how research and innovation will shape the energy transition - including for heating oil.
    A ‘Kanaal Z’ production 

  • 05.11.2019
    Fit for future fuels

    The new Eurofuel interview series introduces different companies and organisations dealing with greenhouse gas-reduced liquid fuels. Some of them do research in that field, others produce the fuels or products designed to work with them. One such company is SUNTEC from France, which has been testing its products with a range of future fuels since the beginning of the 90s.