Renewables and fossil fuels, a secure partnership for a secure energy transition

As the EU finalises its position in the Environment Council this Friday in preparation for the COP21 in December, all those committed to a secure energy future, including Eurofuel, are hoping for a strong, clear and pragmatic position to lead us towards the Great Energy Transition.

At the same time, consumers across Europe remain focused on the price of energy to heat their homes as Winter approaches. What is the best way to make savings, so fuel is affordable, while at the same time taking a step forward to reducing CO2 emissions? A jump to 100% renewables is simply not possible overnight.

Eurofuel has long argued for a pragmatic policy approach to domestic heating so it’s affordable above all, but also so that homeowners can take steps towards climate friendly heating systems that work best for their own homes. Hybrid systems are part of the solution. 

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