Eurofuel launches a new Multi-Energy Hybrid Vision for sustainable, secure and affordable heating

Eurofuel is delighted to present its new vision for the future of buildings’ energy supply. On the occasion of the general assembly of Eurofuel’s German member, IWO, on 13 November 2014, Prof. Christian Küchen, the president of Eurofuel, introduced a document setting out the industry’s perspectives for Europe’s heating systems towards 2020 and beyond. This new “Multi-Energy Hybrid Vision” outlines the opportunities for reducing energy use in buildings and reinforcing Europe’s security of energy supply through a smart combination of highly efficient, state-of-the-art oil heating technologies and renewable energy input.

Prof. Küchen said: “Reducing our energy use is clearly a priority in Europe, to save our environment and secure our energy supply. In buildings, which represent some 40% of Europe’s energy needs, liquid fuels help achieve these objectives in a very cost-effective way, thanks to highly efficient heating systems. Hybrid systems, which also integrate renewable energy, such as solar heat or renewable electricity surpluses, offer the perfect mix between efficient, green and secure energy, at reduced costs”.

Eurofuel’s Secretary General Sabine Heyman said: “Eurofuel is glad to present this new vision document at a time when European Union, national and local institutions are looking into ways of making our energy use more secure and sustainable, within the constraints of tight consumer and public finance. We are encouraging the new EU leadership to set up the right framework to incentivise primary energy savings at an affordable cost”. 

Please download Eurofuel’s new Multi-Energy Hybrid Vision here.