Finland: The new period of the Energy Efficiency Agreements 2017-2025

In Finland the current oil sector Energy Efficiency Agreement, Höylä III, covers the current year. For the future, the Höylä IV agreement has been negotiated, due to be signed in autumn. Motiva, promoting energy efficiency, has already opened a website for the new Energy Efficiency Agreements for 2017–2025, providing information on the agreements for the different sectors.

The agreement activities in the oil sector for the promotion of energy efficiency and energy savings were started in 1997. The improved energy efficiency, attributable to the agreements, has considerably reduced the consumption of heating oil. In Europe, Höylä has been perceived as an example of a highly functional energy efficiency agreement,” comments Pekka Huttula, Deputy Managing Director at the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association.

The Energy Efficiency Agreements are one part of the answer to meet international commitments to mitigate climate change. In practice, the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association promotes the energy efficiency goals by advising people heating their homes how they can accomplish energy savings with their own actions, small and great alike.

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