Eurofuel Policy Dialogue: Liquid fuels are part of the solution!

Eurofuel organised a Policy Dialogue with Marie Donnelly on 6 December 2016, to discuss the challenges and opportunities created for liquid fuels in heating by the “Winter Package”. 

The European Commission’s director in charge of the package insisted on the need for a cost-effective and inclusive transition to more efficient and cleaner use of energy, placing consumers at the heart of the system. She identified the use of smart financing instruments and a more coherent access to energy efficiency professionals as possible instruments to overcome the low renovation rates of buildings and replacement of heating systems.

Representatives from the liquid fuels and heating equipment industry presented promising perspectives to further increase the efficiency of heaters and reduce the carbon footprint of fuels, particularly through the development of advanced bioliquids and synthetic fuels. Further research would be needed in this direction, to continue innovations into fuels and technologies, as well as complementarity with renewable energy through hybrid and energy storage capacities offered by liquid fuels. Ernst-Moritz Bellingen, Eurofuel’s president, concluded that liquid fuel systems are and will remain part of the solution to Europe’s energy and climate policy challenges.

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“The Winter Package: Challenges and Opportunities for Liquid Fuels in Heating”, Eurofuel Policy Dialogue. Brussels, 06.12.2016. Interventions from Marie Donnelly (European Commission), Ernst-Moritz Bellingen (Eurofuel), Dirk Wellkamp (Vaillant) and Rainer Winzenried (UPEI). Debate moderated by Tristan Suffys (Eurofuel).





Photos: Candice Dubois