Eurofuel addresses the importance of realistic solutions based on cost-effective energy savings and multi-energy hybrid solutions as well as the need for coherent legislation at the EID Wärme-Forum in Hamburg

Eurofuel’s Secretary General Sabine Heyman, in the opening presentation of the conference, called for more coherence in the EU legislation with primary energy use as the basis for all legislation affecting the domestic heating sector, as is now the case in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which is the key legislation for the building industry.   Furthermore, Eurofuel underlined the association’s efforts to ensure that EU Member States comply with EU law in a technology-neutral way.   Ms Heyman also urged for realistic policy goals and cost-effective measures to reach the EU objectives.  Focusing on deep renovation only, which is very costly, results in consumers keeping their old and inefficient equipment instead of replacing these by efficient condensing oil or gas boilers.

Eurofuel’s President and Director of IWO Germany, Professor Christian Kuechen, stressed in his presentation the importance of developing policies which consider the advantages of multi-energy hybrid systems.  Heating oil, as a backup energy combined with renewable energy technology, provides the solution to make consumers’ interest in renewables a reality: when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining, the heating oil system guarantees the security of supply.  Hybrid systems enable renewables to take an increasing part in the energy mix. Renewables combined with heating oil are the future.