Low carbon fuels Biomass to Liquid

Demonstration plants are already available for Biomass to Liquid process (BtL). BtL are drop in products. This means that they can be easily used in conventional liquid fuel heating systems. The benefit for the consumers is to keep their existing reliable heating system without the need for any major investment or significant changes , while contributing to the energy transition.

Heating oil and #stayhome

EUROFUEL members are committed to providing a safe and reliable heating. Aware that heating is a basic necessity and an essential and fundamental right (especially now that so many people are staying at home), heating oil suppliers keep delivering their customers and ensure that this is done safely, complying with strict sanitary rules.

Heating with liquid fuels

The 4 European associations active in the sector of heating oil and liquid fuels for heating present their strategy.




Heating with Liquid Fuels

The potential for liquid fuels to contributeThe potential for liquid fuels to contributeto the EU´s energy and climate policy objectivesin 2030, 2050 and beyond

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