Avernergy Suisse

Avenergy Suisse is the association which, concerned with the petroleum economy in Switzerland, defends the interests of its members and furthers its public image.

The 29 current members handle 95% of crude oil and petroleum product imports. One of the roles of Avenergy Suisse consists of ensuring good relations between the public at large and the organisation, particularly concerning informing about petroleum energy. For all questions concerning the transport, processing and use of petroleum products, Avenergy is the first point of contact in Switzerland.

In addition, Avenergy Suisse represents, in all aspects of the organization, the interests of the petroleum sector and its needs. The main areas of interest include standards for quality for petroleum products, the maintenance of or initiation of free competition between the different energy forms, consultation on drafts of legislation and laws concerning energy, the environment or fiscal matters, without forgetting the public affairs and advertising for petroleum products, support of innovative research on energy stemming from petroleum.

Politically neutral, it has no commercial activity and is a non-profit organization.


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Roland Bilang