F.I.D.A. S.r.l. is one of the most important European manufacturers in ignition transformers and accessories for oil and gas boilers and burners, domestic/industrial.

A long history as Manufacturer of ignition device, the 75th anniversary will be on 2020, makes F.I.D.A. S.r.l. all around the world one of the most appreciated Supplier for global burner companies, with focus on reliability, good service and flexibility.

On 2019 F.I.D.A. S.r.l. has become part of the Beckett family of Companies. RW Beckett is leader in USA with more than 80 years of history in combustion.

The industrial legacy created many decades ago and the continuous technical innovation make today Fida ready to confirm and strengthen its role in the Burner Industry as global component supplier in igniters.


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Francesco de Simone

General Director