Future liquid fuels: Eurofuel discusses potential for new fuels at Lignofuels 2018 conference

Speaking at the Lignofuels 2018 conference in Amsterdam on 8 February 2018, Eurofuel discussed the role of innovative liquid fuels, including advanced biofuels, in future heating systems

Tristan Suffys, Secretary General of Eurofuel, took part in the Lignofuels 2018 - Advanced Biofuels & Materials Conference on 7th & 8th February in Amsterdam. He presented perspectives for renewable liquid fuels in heating, focusing on:
  • Liquid fuels for heating: Advantages and current challenges
  • Advanced renewable liquid fuels: Evaluation of possibilities and options
  • Potential for future development

The event was a good opportunity to explore existing and planned production of advanced biofuels made from lignocellulosic materials. It was attended by a high number of experts from Europe and beyond.

You can download Tristan's presentation here

Further information about the conference is also available here

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