Energy transition in heating: German experts debate perspectives for liquid fuels

130 industry and scientific experts from the German energy sector met in Hamburg for the 8th Oil Symposium on 9 November 2017, jointly organised by Eurofuel’s German member IWO and the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK).


 IMG 2874IMG 2874

(The 8th Oil Symposium. Photos: Eurofuel)

Representatives from Neste and Sunfire presented interesting perspectives for biomass-to-liquid and power-to-liquid technologies. Participants discussed the role of such technologies to facilitate the energy transition in domestic heating. Panellists and symposium attendants were asked to formulate key political demands for the next German government currently being formed in Berlin. Creative tools such as Lego modelling were used to illustrate these demands. 

Participants underlined the limits of a fully electrified energy model and called for a technology-open, affordable and consumer-friendly energy transition, in which innovative liquid fuels (or “e-fuels”) will play a major role. “Attractive fiscal incentives for the modernisation of heating systems would be an important step forward”, said Adrian Willig, IWO’s director.

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