Eurofuel pleads for open technology approach at German Heat Conference

Adrian Willig (Eurofuel) took part in the German Heat Conference in Berlin on 30 January 2018


Adrian Willig represented Eurofuel at the 2018 German Heat Conference (Deutsche Wärmekonferenz) organised in Berlin by the German heating industry association BDH on 30 January 2018. Mr Willig took part in a high-level panel discussion dedicated to EU strategies for climate and resource protection, along with officials from the European Commission, the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and representatives from other European stakeholder organisations.

Mr Willig pleaded for a technology-open approach to the energy transition in heating and saw technologies such as Power-to-Liquid as having an important role to play in order to achieve the EU's ambitious climate policy objectives. One of the main conclusions from the conference was the need of a technology-open approach to the heat transition, a mix of energy sources and innovation to achieve policy objectives.

More information about the German Heat Conference (in German) on BDH's website


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(Photo: IWO)