Emissions reduction: EU's long-term strategy should consider future liquid fuels

Eurofuel calls upon EU institutions to adopt a Long-Term Strategy on emissions reduction which considers the following parameters:

  • Advanced liquid energy sources such as bioliquids and synthetic fuels generated with renewable electricity are indispensable to achieve drastic CO2 emissions reductions and carbon neutrality by 2050 at a reasonable cost for our societies.
  • The use of existing heating or transport infrastructure with advanced liquids, without major adjustments, will facilitate the acceptance of the energy transition among consumers.
  • The production of power-based synthetic fuels would have major benefits both for EU-based technology suppliers and producer countries in terms of wealth generation and employment.
  • The industry has already demonstrated the feasibility of future liquid fuel solutions on a smaller scale and will work towards a progressive transition, provided the legal framework enables it.
  • A favourable policy framework is needed to facilitate investment in new technologies, including legal certainty about the future of existing liquid fuel infrastructure. Financial support for research and market-based instruments would be helpful to speed up market introduction.

Read our full position paper.

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