Programme unveiled

1st European-North American Conference on the Future of Liquid Heating Fuels

The programme of the four sessions is almost finalised and looks exciting! 

The full programme is available here: The Future of Liquid Fuels in a Carbon-Constrained World


Day 1 (19 August): Policy session

This session will review the policy actions being taken in the United States and the European Union. How will the goals of decarbonization affect the liquid fuels industry? How will the producers and users of the fuels respond? Additionally, industry visions for both the U.S. and Europe will be reviewed and discussed.

Day 2 (26 August): Regulatory session

This session will focus on the regulatory framework for oil heating systems and low carbon fuels. Tax schemes to reward or punish energy based on its carbon intensity and incentives for improvements will be examined.

Day 3 (2 September): Technical session on liquid fuels

Day 3 will see the conference transition to a focus on the technical changes empowering the liquid heating fuels industry to move forward. Discussions of biodiesel (FAME) and renewable diesel (hydrogenated vegetable oil) will examine supply as well as technical issues associated with the fuels. This session will also explore the exotic fuels of the future—liquid fuels made from cellulose and from electrolysis.

Day 4 (9 September): Technical session on heating appliances

This session will focus on the hardware of heating. What are the potential design and regulatory limits of using low-carbon fuels? What are the world’s leading manufacturers doing to ensure that liquid fuel heating equipment will participate in the low-carbon future? Will we see integrated solar heating fuels systems or liquid powered heatpumps? 

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